Announcement: StarLogoT has been replaced with a more advanced, cross-platform application, NetLogo.

StarLogoT is a programmable modeling environment for building and exploring multi-level systems. StarLogoT allows you to control the behavior of thousands of objects in parallel. Each object has its own variables and state. This allows one to model the behavior of distributed and probabilistic systems, often systems that exhibit complex dynamics.

StarLogoT was developed at the Tufts University Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling which has since relocated to Northwestern University . It is an extended version (a superset) of StarLogo 2.0.4, which was developed by the Epistemology and Learning Group at the MIT Media Laboratory.

StarLogoT is only available for the Macintosh. The final version was StarLogoT 2002. It is free of charge. Sample projects and complete documentation are included in the package. (Additional models are available in the Connected Models package.)

System Requirements:
  • MacOS computer with a PowerPC processor
    (Intel Macs are not supported)
  • Apple Guide system software extension
  • At least 15 megabytes of available RAM

Download StarLogoT 2002

Download Connected Models 2002

View StarLogoT 2002 Documentation (HTML)

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